Virtual Book Clubs: How to Keep Your Club Connected Online

In the age of social distancing and remote work, virtual book clubs have become a popular way to stay connected with friends and fellow book lovers. Whether you're continuing an existing book club online or starting a new one, here are some tips for keeping your virtual book club connected and engaged:

Choose the Right Platform

There are many platforms available for virtual meetings, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype. Choose one that is easy to use and allows for screen sharing and discussion.

Set a Schedule

Set a regular schedule for your virtual book club meetings, whether it's weekly or monthly. Stick to the schedule to ensure that everyone has enough time to read and prepare for the discussion.

Select Books Wisely

Select books that are easily accessible online, whether through e-books, audiobooks, or online libraries. Consider choosing books that are shorter in length to accommodate busy schedules.

Create Discussion Guidelines

Create discussion guidelines to keep the conversation on track and ensure that everyone has a chance to participate. Consider using a moderator to keep the discussion focused and respectful.

Engage in Digital Discussions

Use digital tools like online forums, social media groups, or group messaging apps to keep the discussion going between meetings. This can help keep the momentum going and ensure that everyone stays engaged with the book and the club.

Consider Supplemental Materials

Consider providing supplemental materials, such as author interviews, book reviews, or background information on the book's setting or historical context. This can add depth to the discussion and provide additional topics for conversation.

Plan Virtual Activities

Consider planning virtual activities like author Q&A sessions, online trivia games, or virtual book swaps to keep things interesting and engage members in new and exciting ways.

In conclusion, virtual book clubs are a great way to stay connected with friends and fellow book lovers while staying safe and practicing social distancing. By choosing the right platform, selecting books wisely, creating discussion guidelines, engaging in digital discussions, providing supplemental materials, and planning virtual activities, you can keep your virtual book club connected and engaged online.