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I'm a contemporary romance and children's picture book author based in the UK. I also have a YouTube channel for writers and readers!

Books by me

The One That Got Away by Emma Bennet

The One That Got Away

"This was my breakthrough book and I just adore the hero and heroine, Sergio and Iris. I'm currently working on a sequel!"

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The Green Hills of Home by Emma Bennet

The Green Hills of Home

"My debut novel about a young Welsh writer, called Gwen, torn between her duty to her family and her attraction to her new editor, John."

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Her Perfect Hero by Emma Bennet

Her Perfect Hero

"There's plenty of comedy in this book, including an evil cat called Mr Darcy and I loved writing it!"

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Starstruck by Emma Bennet


"Inspired by my knowing someone in university who went on to become a very famous musician, I wrote my first proper villain in this book!"

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Falling in Love at Nightingale Farm by Emma Bennet

Falling in Love at Nightingale Farm

"My favourite secondary character steals the show in this story!"

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Just Desserts by Emma Bennet

Just Desserts

"A novella based on a story my friend told me about her own wedding."

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Snowed in for her Wedding by Emma Bennet

Snowed in for her Wedding

"The sequel to The Green Hills of Home, I loved revisiting old friends while writing this!"

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The Snotty Princess by Laura Williams and Caroline Coskren

The Snotty Princess

"My first picture book and written under my real name and illustrated by my friend. It's just really funny!"

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Personal favourites

Blood of the Lily by S.D.Huston

Blood of the Lily


"The first in a fantasy series set in Ireland about triplet sisters. Love the Irish mythology and the mixing in of other gods."

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Dulci's Legacy by Margaret Pinard

Dulci's Legacy

Margaret Pinard

"Margaret is a hugely talented YA author."

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