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The Essential Reading List

The author of more than a hundred books, REMINGTON KANE pens the wildly popular TANNER SERIES, as well as the equally thrilling TAKEN! SERIES.

Books by me

Inevitable I by Remington Kane

Inevitable I

"This is book 1 of my Tanner series, which is my most popular series and has over fifty books. Tanner is a hit man with a heart."

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Terror In New York by Remington Kane

Terror In New York

"This is the first book of a trilogy which will be completed in August. It takes place several years in the future and deals with terrorism."

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The Fix-it Man by Remington Kane

The Fix-it Man

"This title is different from my usual books, but it's always been one of my favorites. Some readers love it as much as I do."

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Books that influenced me

The Hunter by Richard Stark

The Hunter

Richard Stark

"This book, more than any other, inspired my Tanner series. It was written back in the 1960s and was the first book of a twenty-four book series. Richard Stark was a pen name of author Donald Westlake."

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War Against The Mafia (The Executioner) by Don Pendleton

War Against The Mafia (The Executioner)

Don Pendleton

"Great book! This is book 1 of a 37 book series written by Don Pendleton. There have been hundreds of novels written about the series' main character, Mack Bolan, since then."

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The Deep Blue Good-by (A Travis McGee Novel) by John D. MacDonald

The Deep Blue Good-by (A Travis McGee Novel)

John D. MacDonald

"One of the best series of all time and so well written. There were twenty-one books in the series, and Travis McGee was a unique character."

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Personal favourites

The Remaining by D.J. Molles

The Remaining

D.J. Molles

"I love well-written zombie-type books, and this is among my favorite. This is book one of a six-book series featuring Lee Harden. D.J. Molles is an excellent writer who keeps you turning pages."

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Fire From The Sky (The Sanders Saga) by N.C. Reed

Fire From The Sky (The Sanders Saga)

N.C. Reed

"Another great book that is the start of an ongoing series. If you enjoy Post-Apocalyptic novels, you'll probably like this one. It has a gritty feel to it and doesn't pull punches. Reed's Odd Billy Todd novel is worth reading as well. A fine writer."

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Murder Book by Thomas Perry

Murder Book

Thomas Perry

"This is sort of a private detective novel featuring an ex-cop who takes on a criminal organization. Any of Perry's novels are worth reading. He is an awesome writer."

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Past Crimes by Glen Erik Hamilton

Past Crimes

Glen Erik Hamilton

"This novel features retired army ranger Van Shaw. Shaw was raised by his grandfather, who was a professional thief. The old man taught him the skills of his profession. Shaw uses those skills to solve his grandfather's murder. It is a well-written book and the first of an awesome series of novels."

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