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Louise 38, lives near enniskillen. Likes to read contemporary fiction, horror and thrillers. Stephen King is one of my favourite authors. I like to read in the bath and have a bookshelf organised by book colour. Some may disagree with my methods.

Lulu recommends:

11.22.63 by Stephen King
by Stephen King | Buy this book
The mix of fact and fiction. The alternate timelines and the slight supernatural twist.
Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent
Strange Sally Diamond
by Liz Nugent | Buy this book
The main character, Sally. Never a dull moment in this book
They both die at the end  by Adam Silvera
They both die at the end
by Adam Silvera | Buy this book
The anticipation
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28(F) avid reader & bookish content creator. I mainly ready Fantasy, Thriller & Contemporary but will give pretty much any genre a go! Looking to join a book club for socializing & making new friends.

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Fermanagh Book Swappers

We run community bookshelves for Fermanagh book Swappers with social gatherings bringing people together through their love of books.

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Love to read but want to do more so joining a group would be good for new recommendations and meeting other avid readers, love history books and fan of Lesley pearse and Josephine Cox

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Reading group in Enniskillen

Our book club is a fun and friendly group of all ages who gather bi-monthly to indulge in a selection of contemporary fiction books. We have a diverse group bringing vibrant conversations and insig...

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Elissa E

Hey, I'm Sarah and I'm a 26-year-old woman who's new to Enniskillen, I've never been in a book club before but I believe it would be super interesting to join one while discussing various book genres during the weekends.

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Terrell R

An avid reader who loves Coastal Romances, Art comics and Business Management books, currently enjoying career struggles having been laid off due Coronavirus, but free in afternoons and want to join Book club near his barn house.

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