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I love discussing deep and interesting books, whether they be history, science fiction, classic literature, psychology, or philosophy!

Michael recommends:

Austerlitz by Sebald
by Sebald | Buy this book
It's flowing, stream-of-consciousness prose, with deep insights into time.
Reasons and Persons by Parfit
Reasons and Persons
by Parfit | Buy this book
Its cutting insights into the nature of morality and identity.
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Reads widely, artistic, gardens, lives in the sticks

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A avid reader who enjoys new experiences and socializing,is hoping to join an eager and vibrant nearby book club.

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Route Six Book Club in Lampeter.

We are a book club based in the scenic countryside looking for likeminded individuals who have an appreciation of complex stories through words, threads and illustrations.We have over fifteen membe...

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Reading group in Lampeter

We are a diverse group of book lovers based in a small and picturesque town brimming with history and culture. Our monthly meetings accommodate both employed and retired members from all walks of l...

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