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Added 17 days ago


My Name is Evelyn i am 70 years old i enjoy reading and would like to meet new people to discuss the books that are reading

Evelyn recommends:

The Cruise  by Caroline James
The Cruise
by Caroline James | Buy this book
It’s funny and light hearted
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Hiya, looking to join a book club. Do like to read and would love to meet new people to discuss books with

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Bangor Page-Turners

Are you an avid reader looking for a community to discuss books with? Look no further than our friendly and welcoming book club based in Bangor! With members from a range of ages and backgrounds, w...

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I'm a 35-year-old female who's never been in a book club before, but I'm keen to dive into fiction and romance novels; my availability for meetings would be over weekends and once a month would do just fine (personal African Diary Read).

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Lee L

As a book enthusiast with a strong inclination towards contemporary fiction and weekends dedicated to relaxation, I am seeking a vibrant book club that will avail members contemporary and mind engaging books references yielding healthy debates over engaging local pastries.

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