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Recently completed an English degree. Particularly enjoy reading modern and contemporary fiction that explore the social, cultural and political. Also enjoy Victorian realist fiction. Would be great to meet people who share a love of literature!

Livi recommends:

Erasure  by Percival Everett
by Percival Everett | Buy this book
Intelligent and sharply satiric critique of the United State’s obsession with racial categorisation. The novel has recently been adapted into the film ‘American Fiction’.
The Bluest Eye  by Toni Morrison
The Bluest Eye
by Toni Morrison | Buy this book
Narrated from the blurred perspectives of a child, adult and omniscient narrator, Morrison’s debut novel (which since its publication has attracted a host of book-banning controversies) deals with the lasting effects of childhood trauma in all its ugly variants. Morrison’s poetic prose mingles with her stark subject matter to create a novel that is simultaneously beautiful and utterly, incurably bleak. The novel’s opening alone is the most chilling I have ever read…
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If you're looking for a welcoming book club to join in Carmarthen, then look no further! We're a group of avid readers who love nothing more than discussing the latest and greatest novels. We get t...

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The H

"I'm a bibliophile in my mid-30s looking for a book club that meets on weeknight evenings once a month preferably focused on historical fiction or speculative fiction."

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Hi there, I'm a 27-year-old woman who loves reading classic literature and mysteries, and would be free to meet most weekday evenings for a book club!

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