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Hey, my name is Ash, I really got into reading a few years ago and have been an avid reader since. I live for romantasy books, but I also like Regency romance books. I'm hoping to make some friends who share similar interests with me and can have fun conversations with :)

Ash recommends:

A Court of Silver Flames  by Sarah J. Mass
A Court of Silver Flames
by Sarah J. Mass | Buy this book
I have read all of this series and loved this book in particular because I loved seeing the character growth and could relate a little bit. I will say this is my favorite so far I have the other Sarah J. Mass books but I haven't read them yet, I am waiting to get all the books in the series before reading it but I look forward to starting it as many people have told me that the other series are better.
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"I'm a busy 30-something woman who has bookshelves filled with literary fiction and is looking to start a bi-weekly book club with like-minded bookworms who love discussing character development, plot twists, and meaningful page passages over coffee."

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An avid reader in her early thirties, Elizabeth hopes to join a book club that meets once a month on weekend afternoons to discuss science fiction and fantasy novels over tea and cake.

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Motherwell Book Club; Lanarks Best Bibliophiles.

We're a friendly book club based in a close-knit community in Scotland, catering to those with a love for literature. Our informal group currently consists of eight avid readers who meet once a mon...

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