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I have always read a lot. At the moment I am feeling quite isolated and it is difficult to find like-minded people. A book club sounds good. I tend to stick to what I like mostly and would find recommendations good. I prefer UK authors. I like crime best. I also like any fiction or non-fiction about peoples' lives during the 2 WWs and the resistance. Read a variety of other types also.

Pam recommends:

Outlander - all of the series of books
by Diana Gabaldon | Buy this book
Better than the TV version. Time travel and romance. Well written excapism.
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Mohammad Rasol

I’m Raz, My I speak Persian and love to introduce Persian literature and themes. I’m into classics and fictions. I do love a cup of coffee and eager to learn English early 90s literature and post war fictions.

Mohammad Rasol recommends:

by Paulo coela | Buy this book
The language is very smooth and culturally rich.
The Kite Runner
by Khalid Hussaini | Buy this book
Gives a realistic view of Afghanistan’s ethnocentric beep of power, justice
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Just got into reading and would like to meet new people and discover some good reads.

Purplelawd recommends:

The Rats, Lair, Domain by James Herbert
The Rats, Lair, Domain
by James Herbert | Buy this book
Three books in the series. Fantastic horror writing. The first chapter of Domain is incredibly detailed and so well written you can really picture everything.
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I’ve been a reader most of my life and have never been in a book club but always liked the idea. I read a variety of books but mostly try to follow what seems new and interesting. I’m fairly new to this area and would enjoy a low key activity looked this to also meet others.

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I enjoy reading and would like to get to know people locally who have similar interests.

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I love reading and looking for a book club to join, i lovemost genres of books and always open to new reads and recommendations

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