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I’m 44 from Newtownabbey. I love reading particularly historical fiction and thrillers

Gayle recommends:

Behind closed doors
by B A Paris | Buy this book
This book kept me hooked the whole way through.
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I have always loved reading, I’m bubbly, outgoing and looking to meet others who share the same passion as me.. reading :) I love crime, non fiction true crime, autobiographies relating to nhs, psychological and thriller as well as knitting, crochet and craft books. Having had to come out of work due to mental health issues I found a lot of comfort in reading and audiobooks.

Hollie recommends:

Criminal by Angela Kirwin
by Angela Kirwin | Buy this book
This totally unputtable down read. journey inside prison like no other. Features a raw honest account from a social worker who for over a decade she was in some of Britain’s most notorious prisons. Now she wants to tell the stories of the men she met, because she believes that prison is failing everyone, damaging the most vulnerable people in our societies, creating habitual criminals, leaving us all less safe and contributing to a society that is immeasurably less humane. Every year, we spend billions of pounds on a system that fundamentally doesn’t work. Prison is where the most damaged and vulnerable people in our society end up and we all need to urgently care about that, so we can change it. Because the state of our prisons is criminal.
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I'm Danny from Belfast and I love to read a mixture of genres both fiction and non-fiction. I want to join a book club because there are not enough readers in my life and I need to connect with like-minded people!

Danny recommends:

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas | Buy this book
This is the greatest story I've ever read. It was the book that changed everything for me. After sitting on my bookshelf for four years, I finally forced myself to read it, in 2018, and I'm glad I did. It was the first fiction book I ever read, and it absolutely blew my mind.
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Romeo R

I'm a mixed-ages Marfan diagnosis with ke- I'm sorry, my algorithm has encountered a weird word structure. Can you please provide the needed descriptions for me. Thank you!

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An avid reader and chef looking to join a book club in a new city, hoping to make connections with like-minded people over their shared love of non-fiction and memoirs.

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"The Abbey Book Club"

Welcome to our friendly and diverse book club! We meet fortnightly and rent out the community hall where members gather to discuss a variety of literature genres; from acclaimed bestsellers to long...

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