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I'm moving to Sherborne soon and keen to meet older book lovers. Happy to hear about any book groups, especially those for older people.

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Hello! I've recently moved to Sherborne and looking to meet fellow book-lovers and hopefully join/form a group! I'm someone who goes through phases of reading and then phases of not reading! But finding a local book club is likely to motivate me to read more and watch screens less :) I have quite varied taste - both fiction and non fic and I like keeping things fresh genre-wise. When it comes to non-fic, I enjoy reading about feminism, social justice, psychology, science, and nature. When it comes to fiction - it's really hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I enjoy. But generally meaty novels with a depth to their character analyses, psychological thrillers, drama, and I enjoy trying to diversify my reading list with international authors. I want to read more classics as well - I do love Thomas Hardy! Monthly meetings - either evenings or at the weekend - would suit me best.

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Sam V

I love getting lost in a good book and the escapism of reading. I particularly enjoy psychological thrillers and crime but happy to give most things a go. I’ve lived in beautiful Dorset for 4 years - we moved just before lockdown so I’d love to meet more like-minded people locally. When I’m not working I enjoy walking my dog, yoga, dancing, gardening and drinking wine😋. I’m interested in joining a book club in Sherborne - hopefully to meet once a month.

Sam V recommends:

The Skeleton Cupboard  by Tanya Byron
The Skeleton Cupboard
by Tanya Byron | Buy this book
Fascinating insight into real-lifebcase studies of a Clinical Psychologist.
The Caller  by Chris Carter
The Caller
by Chris Carter | Buy this book
Totally gripping! I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough🤪
Magpie by Elizabeth Day
by Elizabeth Day | Buy this book
Totally gripping with an interesting twist!
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Is there a monthly book club in Sherborne that meets in daytime once a month or so?

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I am totally new to Dorset and know no one! I love books so when I’m not with my children I read when I can. I’m looking to make friends and be the true book geek I am at heart!

MysteryLover! recommends:

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
by Gabrielle Zevin | Buy this book
I think it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I’m a gamer or at least I was when I was younger so I absolutely loved all the detail about the industry. And it was so beautiful!
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