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Meet like minded members who like to read

Carl recommends:

by Tim weaver | Buy this book
Immersive read from cover to cover
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To enjoy discussing books with a group of like minded people. I read various genre. I'm not so fond of Sci-Fi and Horror.

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Reading group in Abergavenny

"Our established book club offers a warm welcome to anyone interested in books and chatter. Located in beautiful surroundings, our quiet and cozy venues provide the right atmosphere to escape in fi...

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Avid reader and newbie book club enthusiast with a preference for women's fiction seeking a welcoming, diverse community to meet with twice monthly on weekday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

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Emory K

A avid reader in her late twenties, she's looking for a book club that meets regularly to dive into thought-provoking fiction with fellow bookworms.

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