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I’m 33, I enjoy reading erotica, thrillers and psychological books, I also enjoy the romance side of things. Looking for a book club close to me where I can sit with people and discuss genres and have discussions with others.

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Craving, Obsession and Possession by Helen Hardt
Craving, Obsession and Possession
by Helen Hardt | Buy this book
3 separate books but part of a 30 book collection by Helen Hardt. 3 brothers who each own a ranch have a dark secret. When they set out to tell their sister, the middle brother meets a special someone who changes his outlook on life. I will eventually get round to reading the whole collection.
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I'm Graham and I'm 48 looking to join a book club with my daughter

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Reading group in Abertillery

Our book club is a small and friendly group of literature enthusiasts who love gathering in Abertillery to share our thoughts and ideas on our chosen read of the month. We typically meet every two ...

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A book-loving 29-year old female with a hankering for contemporary fiction seeking a weekly or bi-weekly club in [insert general location].

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Patrick H

"I'm a 35-year-old avid reader who wants to join a book club that meets once a month on weeknights to discuss speculative fiction and expand my literary horizons."

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