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Readalot Terry

I have read all my life and am now retired, and read even more! Mostly historical novels and factual history with the odd diversion to a different genre.

Readalot Terry recommends:

by DIANA GABALDON | Buy this book
The romance, and the time shift between Culloden and present.
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Barnard Castle Bibliophiles.

We are a small, tight-knit book club made up of passionate readers who are always searching for their next literary adventure. Despite having diverse tastes, we foster an atmosphere of respect and ...

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Ileana K

"As a voracious reader with a passion for thrilling mysteries and a shy but devoted personality, I'm eager to find a book club of like-minded individuals who can meet on Sundays and chat over coffee and "who dumped them society readers" intertwined English titles."

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Casandra G

Hi, I'm Jenn, a book-loving millennial who's always free to meet for a good read after work and looking to explore chick lit, memoirs, fantasy and young adult novels.

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