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I'm looking for something to do in my spare time and i used to love reading and i would love for it to be something i get back into!! i am also looking to meet new people

maddie recommends:

Normal People  by Sally Rooney
Normal People
by Sally Rooney | Buy this book
such an easy smooth read, and really shows how young people struggle with communication
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I'm a woman in my early thirties who loves mystery novels and is excited to join a book club in my area.

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Rep. D

"I'm a voracious reader in my mid-thirties, recently moved to the area, hoping to commit to a regular get-together with a friendly group to explore a mix of classic and latest-edition offerings together with dining and various entertainments!"

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Reading group in Stockton-on-Tees

We're a friendly book club welcoming new members of all ages who enjoy sharing ideas and discussing their favourite novels. We gather every second Thursday of the month at 7pm, usually at one of ou...

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