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I’m looking to feel more connected to my local area, make friends and make time for reading. I enjoy psychological and crime thrillers as well as non-fiction

Louise recommends:

Damage by Josephine Hart
by Josephine Hart | Buy this book
End of first chapter “But I did not die in my fiftieth year. There are few who know me now who do not regard that as a tragedy.”
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Full time IT professional. Mother of 15 year old teen boy. Trying to find more time to read. Happy to try most genres, preference is scandi-noir ATM. Covered Maya Angelou, classic Gothic novels, WWI poets, D.H. Lawrence, some Shakespeare etc during A level English Lit.

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Hampton Book Club.

We are a welcoming book club located in the heart of Hampton, Middlesex, comprised of avid readers with a passion for delving into gripping tales. Our lively meetings, which occur twice a month on ...

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Arlette O

I'm a first-time book club member seeking to explore different genres, preferably meeting on weekends, excited about connecting with locals nearby.

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Kathryne H

I am a 30-year-old female and have never been in a book club before, but I would love to connect with people who read mystery and thriller genres regularly for in-person discussions after work hours.

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