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Reading group in Buckfastleigh

We are a small and friendly book club located in a lovely town surrounded by nature in Devon. We meet once a month on Thursday evenings in a cozy cafe in town. All genres of books are welcome, and ...

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Clyde P

Hi there, I am a book-loving tourist who is passionate about literature, and looking for an engaging weekly or biweekly book club to engage in, I enjoy reading fictional and non-fictional historical books tirelessly within my meager period that fits most of the weekend inclusive making me up anytime versatility may demands, but I've never been a part of any bookmarklet hole accessories alike engagement tactics at any point in time in community centre Blackburn, I can't wait to find one near here to meet genteel like young-minds thrust haven and reason consciously there novel-obsessed attention in their own literary world again soonest desirable by penman for words project school period!.

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I'm a 30-something avid reader eager to join a Western literature-focused book club in my free evenings, while discovering new friends and the art of bookish discussions.

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