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I find myself in Devon for a month or two and looking to join a book club of sorts, mainly as a way to meet other people and chat about books, life, etc. I'm not very familiar with the area and not yet found any groups or regular meet ups for strangers like me! Get in touch if you can point me in the right direction : )

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I am a local single lady who still works part-time. I have enjoyed two book groups over many years but unfortunately they no longer meet. I like both fact and fiction books so I'm frequently at the library or visiting charity shops or trying to understand some of the articles in The New Scientist magazines. I love interesting facts and discussing these. I'd also really like to hear and learn from other readers' experiences.

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Recently retired, enjoy reading fiction.

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Expand friendships with like minded peopke

Glynne recommends:

Fingersmith  by Sarah Walters
by Sarah Walters | Buy this book
It’s a wonderful Victorian classic of life of thieves in London
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I’m Clare and I love reading. I’d like to join a local group to socialize and discuss books.

Clare recommends:

Pride and prejudice  by Jane Austin
Pride and prejudice
by Jane Austin | Buy this book
One of the funniest, wittiest books Ive read. Always happy to re-read and makes me laugh out loud.
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