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Added 28 days ago

Tanya Knight Author

I'm an author of romcom novels. I also run an online book group called Just Read. It's on Facebook if you'd like to join. I love connecting with readers and other authors.

Tanya Knight Author recommends:

Men Are Like Buses by Tanya Knight
Men Are Like Buses
by Tanya Knight | Buy this book
It's my debut novel. It's a romcom about the joys of modern dating. The main character, Lily, is 29 and is an adventurous and sporty woman. The book is light-hearted, easy to read, fast-paced and a little bit spicy.
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Hello Iā€™m Ollie recently moved back to Lincolnshire wanting to join a book club meet up once a month or so

Ollie recommends:

Do not disturb
by Freida mcfadl | Buy this book
Fast place intense Big twist
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Like to read but have found my book choices becoming smaller and want to expand my reading genres.

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hi ! i am 17 years old, turning 18 in may 2024. i am looking for a bookclub to join, or just to make friends with others around my age as i am relatively new to the area! i love horror books and manga ā€” my favourite author is junji to ! ā€” however i am open to broadening my horizons and trying new things !

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I'm looking to share my love of books! I enjoy crime and horror, and am keen to start writing but not to sure where to start!

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