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Lover of Victorian and African literature.

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I can start with the usual love of books and the advantage of having like minded readers to discuss it with. It is, however, so much more as so many other elements take over. I’d like to developed the discipline of fully reading a book I’m not enjoying as this many of us can find challenging. It does inspire us to give an author a chance, with regard to the hard work involved writing a book and therefore an opportunity to discuss it.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper Lee | Buy this book
The subject matter and one man’s journey to do justice in difficult times.
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I’m hoping to find a club in the Rossendale area to socialise and find new books to read.

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Mid thirties woman looking to join an inclusive book club

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St. Anne\'s Book Club

St. Anne's Book Club is a library service run by Joanne Lynch, where individuals of all ages and interests come together to discuss and share their love of reading. From Wuthering Heights to Twilight and The Book Thief, the group meets once a month at The Buff Club on Burnley Road East in Waterfoot Rossendale, Lancashire. We welcome all new members to come and join us for a relaxed and informal atmosphere, as well as organised theatre visits and community events.

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