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I read most things, just not horror, sci-fi and non fiction & classics. I'm a 32 year old mum of 2 and would love to meet like-minded bookworms and make new friends.

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I like to read and I'm looking for a group that meets in the Belvedere or Erith area. I tend to read mostly sci-fi or historical fiction, but one of the things I like about a book group is it gets me reading things I wouldn't otherwise look at.

Tracy recommends:

Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith
Troubled Blood
by Robert Galbraith | Buy this book
I just love this whole series, partly for the murder-mystery aspect (I never see the ending coming), but mostly for the characters, in particular the two main detectives and how they work together and are building a business and a friendship together around this work which so much to the both of them. You see that neither of them are perfect, they both make mistakes, but even through their miscommunications they work so well together and they do amazing things. It's really quite inspiring. So I love the series in general, but Troubled Blood in particular is a really nice example of all of that.
Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez
Invisible Women
by Caroline Criado Perez | Buy this book
This is non-fiction, but an absolutely jaw-dropping read, I recommend it to everyone. It looks at the ways that the existence and needs of women has been ignored when designing almost anything and everything you can think of, from products to policies. Really important book.
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Bel-book Club.

We are a book club based in Belvedere consisting of bibliophiles of all ages and backgrounds who share a love of reading fiction. We typically meet twice a month, frequenting various cozy cafes alo...

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As a twenty-something bookworm, I'm on the hunt for a book club where I can connect with fellow literature lovers while one good cup o' brew at a time.

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30-year-old female newcomer to book clubs looking to join fellow fiction lovers every other Wednesday evening to discuss books over wine and cheese.

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