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Karen Jane

I love books. I’ve always been interested in the written word. How a story can be interpreted in so many ways. I would love to meet people who share my passion

Karen Jane recommends:

Police by Jo nesbo
by Jo nesbo | Buy this book
The complex man that Harry is. Full of contradictions, but really a man who knows right from wrong
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I love reading romance, dark romance is my favourite, but I’m in my hockey romance era right now!

Bookish recommends:

Haunting Adeline  by H D Carlton
Haunting Adeline
by H D Carlton | Buy this book
Dark romance check trigger warnings
The Ritual  by Shantel Tessier
The Ritual
by Shantel Tessier | Buy this book
Amazing start to finish
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Avid reader of pretty much anything, but I most enjoy a good murder mystery, fantasy fiction, and a light hearted rom-com

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Unnamed group

Gathering at the Steyning library, led by Wendy Edwards, this library service takes place at Church Street, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3YB.

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Arundel Reads.

We are a group of avid readers bound to connect with each other through wonderful storytelling. We gather each month in a warm wooden annex situated in a well-kept secret-garden lined residents' co...

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Otto C

"I am a middle-aged woman with a passion for discussing fictional stories ranging from romance to horror, and I am excited to join my first book club and meet like-minded individuals."

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21-year-old male college student with a passion for mystery novels seeks fellow bibliophiles for a weekly book club meeting in the evenings after his classes wrap up.

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