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Hello. I've recently started reading more and I am absolutely hooked on romance (currently reading Icebreaker by Hannah Grace). I am looking to expand my circle of friends which is mostly a dot at the moment, and meet people with similar interests to mine.

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Twisted Love by Ana Huang
Twisted Love
by Ana Huang | Buy this book
Alex Volkov Alex Volkov Alex Volkov
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I’d like to join a monthly book club to discuss a text in the company of others.

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Life long reader, looking for new book recommendations and discussion.

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A student who is interested in all things to do with literature, reading and writing

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Meets at Various on Run by Sweeney Reading Group Library service West Sussex County Council - Libraries Group of 10 neighbours who enjoy reading and discussing books. We meet at: Lyoth Lane , Haywards Heath , West Sussex , RH16 2QA

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