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Love fantasy books, Tolkien, Robert Howard, Robert Jordon etc I'm also into history and love visiting historical place and l reading books from Vallerio Massimo Manfredi and Robyn Young that are novel of historical fact with added fiction. I'm fun and fairly spontaneous.

Nick71 recommends:

Insurrection  by Robyn  young
by Robyn young | Buy this book
Part one of a trilogy Renegade and Kingdom. They take you through the journey of Robert the Bruce following closely with a few adaptation of his rise to power and the fight with the English. I was gripped from the moment I turned the first page.
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Adam H

A 25-year-old woman who loves cozy mysteries and true crime books, available to meet on weekday evenings, first-timer in a book club search.Sidenote: Clumsily expressed. Correct V/B and preposition combinations eg. "interested in attending my first ever book club" can be used to achieve something similar quite effortlessly. No information needs to be invented then, as shown in "A woman in my late thirties interested in attending my first ever book club, preferably after hours. Thrillers & hard SF pique my interest more often not. Looking forward 😄!" 👌

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Freddie H

I'm a 27-year-old woman who has always been an avid reader, looking for a book club where I can indulge in conversation about a wide range of literature and can meet once a week in the late evening after work.

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Tarporley Book Club

Join our friendly book club and turn the page to a new literary adventure. We meet over a classy coffeehouse, made sweeter with freshly-filled scones muffins, as members dish out their heartfelt de...

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