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I like all kinds of books. Though as a child I used to read mainly fantasy's. I want to join a book club to make new friends

Emma recommends:

The Collector by John Fowles
The Collector
by John Fowles | Buy this book
Though a controversial book, the way it's written is really fantastic
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Fairy C

Avid reader and first-time book club member seeking to join a group with meetings on the weekends, interested in genre fiction and nonfiction.

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Reading group in Hockley

Join us at our friendly local book club in Hockley, Essex! We meet every third Sunday of the month and welcome book lovers of all ages. Our diverse group ranges from retirees to students- so there'...

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Hockley Book Club.

We are a relaxed and inviting book club that welcomes both avid and casual reads. Our diverse and engaging discussions take place inside the old-fashioned cafe where sipping delightful teas and sav...

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